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A bit more about us

After being relatively unsatisfied with the current offering on the market we started as an exclusive business dedicated to the finest quality peppercorns on the market. We love pepper but in the early days we couldn’t really find much beyond the usual commercially grown black and white peppercorns. Sure there were some odds and ends floating around, but there wasn’t anything substantial.

I’m sure you can relate with the below grinders, as you can see a typical pepper mix is a rather dull experience with an overly high proportion of the cheaper black peppercorns. Even the red peppercorns mixed in on the left look rather dull and can hardly be noticed! I mean red peppercorns aren’t cheap… can you see them?



Now don’t get me wrong, these are good honest businesses doing a good job, but its not what I would call good value.

When you experience good quality peppercorns you will recognise the difference.


We have a full range of smoked peppercorns, internationally imported exotic peppercorns, Australian grown peppercorns and Australian pepperberries. We have a range of pepper seasonings & crusts and smoked salt & pepper blends.

And wow I can tell you what a difference a good pepper blend makes! For stews and casseroles in particular a mixed pepper blend adds a big difference to the flavour of the dish with plump peppercorns. I am a fan of the green peppercorns in particular they add a far more earthy and vegetal flavour. Yes green is more expensive but most of the time you’re only using a teaspoon at best so really we’re talking an extra 10 or 20c. Another tip is use a little ground white pepper in potato mash… they don’t give black flecks and really add a little extra.

What we offer that separates us from our competitors:

Finest quality peppercorns on the market

Provenance (origin) of the peppercorns

Unique smoked peppercorns and imported exotic peppercorns

Different kinds of peppercorns (a full range of peppercorns and peppercorn products that are not available elsewhere)


Happy eating!