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About Global Peppercorns

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Each region that grows pepper has its own distinct taste and aroma, much like a wine. We are passionate about this spice (the world’s largest traded spice) and we know the difference good pepper makes. We have become accustomed to the most commercially viable variety of peppercorns sold through supermarkets and the like as this is what we are familiar with. Well step back because the world of peppercorns is much bigger, fresher and flavoursome than people realise. Our business is centred on showcasing the largest range of quality peppercorns from numerous regions and varieties and bringing quality into the market.

Peppercorns is a trader and manufacturer of peppercorns & peppercorn products. Pepper is the world’s most traded spice representing an impressive 25% of the global trade in spices – it’s an essential ingredient.

We wholesale peppercorns to commercial businesses, hospitality, and food manufacturers, which find their way to the end user through the products produced.

We also manufacturer high quality peppercorn products to the end user. Products of difference that the consumer will appreciate and demand, products such as freshly cracked peppercorn crusts and smoked peppercorn sauces.