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Australian whole black peppercorns

Australian Whole Black Peppercorns


Most of the world’s black peppercorns are grown in a narrow region on either side of the equator where the climate is right for the peppers to cultivate. Certain parts of Australia yield climatic conditions that are also suitable for black peppercorns to grow.

The Australian Terra yields an aromatically light and pleasing fragrance to these whole Australian black peppercorns. A must try product supporting our local Australian producers.


Product Description

Black Peppercorns Farming

For black peppercorn agriculture, differences in the soil and other environmental factors translate to variations in the crop that are distinctive to that region. They require tropical hot and humid climatic conditions and about 200 cm of annual rainfall. Temperature ranging from 10 C to 40 C is ideal for successful growth.

The black peppercorn plant is native to India but is grown in nearly every tropical region. Vietnam currently grows and exports the most, totaling around 35% of the world’s total supplies followed by the likes of India, Brazil, China and Sri Lanka.

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