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Juniper Berries


The Juniper berry is not actually true berry but rather a female cone of the Juniper tree from the genus [Juniper Communis] – the most common of the species.

Its taste can be described as tart and sharp, with a piney flavor and hints of citrus. It is unusually fleshy and merged which gives it a berry like appearance.

The Juniper berry dates back to the ancient times having been found in Egyptian tombs and had been used medicinally as a diuretic. The Romans used Juniper berries as a cheap substitute for black pepper as well. In modern times, it is used in European cuisine especially as a spice for wild game. The oil is used as a flavouring in gin as well.


Product Description


Juniper berries can be found in many pepper rubs for their unique properties. While many recipes call for Juniper berries, the problem is that cooks do not have these readily available in their kitchen so they often use substitutes such as a mix of herbs and spices and even gin. They have a bitter astringent taste with a hint of resinous pine. It is not appealing by itself but as part of a seasoning plays an important role.

Juniper Berry is also famous for its medicinal uses. The extract of Juniper Berries and Juniper Berry oil are quite popular and useful in preparation of various medicines. They are also used in production of a variety of cosmetic products. It is mainly used in curing indigestion, inflammation, gas and intestinal worms. It is also directly used in wounds, joints pain and muscle pain.

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