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Four peppercorns mix

Olive Wood Smoked Four Peppercorns


Four peppercorns mix is a very popular peppercorn product in our store simply due to the depth of flavour added to dishes. The green peppercorns for example are earthy, musty and slightly vegetal. The black peppercorns are leathery, peppery and piquant. The white and red also with their own unique characteristics. And it is this combination that adds great depth to dishes. Overlay this with a mellow olive wood smoke and you find a product hard to replicate and difficult to beat.

Enjoy, you won’t be disappointed!


Product Description


Natural smoke from olive wood from northern Victoria

Black, white & green peppercorns from Vietnam

Pink peppercorns from India

Use in Cuisine

PInk peppercorns have a mild pepper flavour and are considered the sweetest of the peppercorn family (although they are technically not related to peppercorns at all). Given their associated likeness to pepper and their sharpe they have become synonymous with peppercorns.

Recipes call for pink peppercorns to be used in sauces, particularly white and cream sauces, as well as for use in desserts to add contrasting flavours. Given their relatively mild and sweeter flavour compared to the black, white and green peppercorns, their use in desserts and biscuits is not that surprising, as they offer a great colour and along with a contrasting appeal for these sweet dishes.

As part of a peppercorn mix is where you will find the pink peppercorn used most often.

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Enjoy, you won’t be disappointed!

Four peppercorns mix