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Buy Smoked White Peppercorns in Australia

Smoked White Peppercorns


We have received extremely good feedback about our smoked white peppercorns. A truly unique seasoning that has the musty earthy aroma of the white peppercorn, along with mellowness and aromatic charm of the smoke. Don’t forget the base peppery taste it brings to the foods.

When making mashed potatoes, add a small amount of our smoked white peppercorns. These smoked white peppercorns will not be seen in the mash yet offer an aromatic mystery and flavour.


Product Description

Smoked White Peppercorns

These smoked white peppercorns are smoked using our unique cold smoking process that allows maximum plume into the chamber where you can assure of receiving the most premium smoked peppercorns on the market. Only 100% natural wood smoke for best aroma and depth. No synthetic flavours!

Why Smoked White Peppercorns ?

These smoked white peppercorns add an earthy peppery taste and aroma into your foods while our smoking technology adds the mellowness of smoke. A great addition in your seasoning and spice collection. Great in sauces, soups, gravys, mashed vegetables and so much more.

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