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Lemon pepper

Special Lemon Pepper Seasoning


We prepare this Special Lemon Pepper Seasoning just like our Special Lemon Pepper Seasoning with Sea Salt.

This special lemon pepper uses lemon, pepper and orange for a special take on the traditional seasoning. We grate the lemon rind and orange rind and oven dry them, along with cracked black pepper infused with the juice of the lemon and orange. The resulting special lemon pepper is excellent to use when pan-frying, oven roasting or grilling.

Absolutely no fillers or nasties used.


Product Description

Special Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Lemon Pepper is a seasoning product made from granulated lemon rinds and cracked black peppercorns. Mostly, the black peppercorns are pre-infused with lemon juice. If not, lemon juice is added when oven drying.

We use lemon, orange, pepper and sea salt in this special lemon pepper with sea salt to step it up a bit from traditional seasonings. This product is great for seasoning over salads, vegetables, snacks and meats mainly chicken and fish. It brings a lemony characteristics in your dishes and adds amazing spice and aroma as well.

Why Special Lemon Pepper ?

Our Special Lemon Pepper is a 100% natural product with fine nutritional value. It is a good source of Vitamin C and helpful in Weight loss and Detoxification. It improves Immunity, Blood Circulation and Metabolism as well.

Also if you want A mellow and charming smoked salt & pepper blend that is an excellent alternative for your everyday salt & pepper, Check our best Selling Olive Wood Smoked Sea Salt & Black Pepper.

Special lemon pepper